• Created all trees, shrubs, grass for film
  • Supervised team to accomplish effects for show.
  • Develop and implement techniques for accomplishing work load.
  • create and deliver effects.

Here is an example of a bubble tool that I made.
It was writen in Python for maya and stuck particle emitters to a character so you could control where thee bubble came from.

I also worked on real Flow Simulations. Here is an example where Boog slips on a puddle of drool.

A cheese puff simulation I created. This was a pretty fun shot.

For this shot I wrote a mel script to populate the doggie trees around the scene.

For this sequence I made a script to animate dots across the character. The dots all had a subtle jitter to them so they would look like laser sights.

This is an example of a dust hit when Elliot hits the ground.

This is an example of a script I wrote to stick electricity to a characters body on selected faces. The electricity could then be animated to flow through the control objects. This gave the electricity the ability zap off of the poles onto the characters.

Here I put together a little tool to make flies swarm around Elliots head.

I wrote a mel script to place foot prints where ever Elliot touched the ground.

This was a fluid simulation of gas flowing out of a broken gas hose made in reel flow.

A major task I had was to figure out how to populate all of the grass for Open Season 2. I wrote a tool in mel that allowed the user to interactively paint growth maps and then to convert automate a shave process for making grass. I also ended up dressing out all of the grass for the show.

One of my tasks was making the bushes for Open Season 2. Here I wrote a tool to automate the branch creation and then to create a bush full of random branches that were created. lowres and highres at the same time.

These shots illustrate a procedural plant populator I made.
I grabbed all of the plants out of our procedural directory and scattered them across a user selected face selection.

I was brought on to ReelFx to create procedural tools for environmental assets and populating the environments.
These shots illustrate some of the trees I created.

We needed to find a way to quickly populate the branches on the Tomatoe plants.
As a solution I wrote a tree branch populator which randomly scattered braches off of a user selecting and then oriented the braches out from the normal of that selection.

This illustates some of the water shots that I worked on.
The water shots where created using a mixutre of real flow and Maya.