Title: Effects Supervisor


  • Supervised team to accomplish effects for show.
  • Created several effects throughout show.
  • Create proprietary crowd simulation workflow / system in Houdini.

Here are some of the shots that I worked on for IceAge A Mammoth Christmas Special

For this shot I created the displaced snow and snow puffs. The displaced snow was based off of animated spheres from animation. This way we could have timing approved before pushing the shot through effects.

For these two shots I simulated the acorns. These shots took several iterations since the director had a very particular feel that she wanted in the timing of the crumbling and rolling acorns.

For this shot I created the dust trail and kicked up snow.

In the show there was a whole sequence where the characters get lost in the fog. We created a procedural method for creating procedurally animated for fog. Here is one of the shots I did in the sequence.

Another challenge for the show was creating Reindeer magic. I created a system that emitted magic from the reindeers feet. The artist were able to control the magic per hoof. Here is a shot of reindeer magic that I created.

One of the challengeswe faced with this show was how to handle crowd shots. Given our budget we were not able to use Massive, so I built a proprietary crowd tool in Houdini for ReelFX. Here are two crowd shots I did.

We had tons of snow simulations for this show. Here is a simulated snow break through effect that I did. It was a combination of a dops sim, and several particle simulations.