Title: Effects Supervisor


  • Supervision of effects.
  • Technical support and development of tree / bush creation and animation toolset for vegetation team.
  • Shot production.

  • Tools Created:

  • PyQt Cache management tool (python) (command line)
  • PyQt rat to dtex conversion tool. (python) (command line)
  • Render range and image verification tool (python) (command line)
  • Toolbar Machine independent copy paste tool. (python) (Houdini) Allows artist to send Ctrl-C info to another artist to CTRL-V into their scene.
  • Toolbar based,cache path management. (python)(Houdini) Allowed artist to quickly get formatted render and cache paths for Nuke.
  • Toolbar based, Qube render jobs analyzer(Python) (Houdini)
  • Converted previously written fur exported from python to C++
  • Custom fur importer C++

Below are shots that I worked on for FreeBirds

Simulation and Renders of dynomyte explosions.
Created tool which built and populated trees

Simulation (fluid & rbd) and renders of the cart explosion for this shot.

Developed the timetravel effect for this show. Created ,rendered and made initial composites the effects.

Developed, simulated, rendered and supplied initial composite of the time vortex.

Simulations and Renders. These were tricky as they were moving quite a far distance.

Simulation of fires used in shots,Development of fire instancing tool used to populate shots.