Title: Effects Supervisor


  • Supervised Start and End for show. Support supervision middle of show.
  • Technical support and tool development for Crowds though out show.
  • Create additional tools for proprietary crowd simulation workflow / system in Houdini.
  • Animated a few shows.

Here are some of the shots that I worked on for Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

For this shot I created the bubble simulation.

For this shot I created the Houdini network to grow the hand of Minions (I did not animate the final movement, another artist animated the timing). This effect was a procedural SOP network that relied heavily on VOPs to insure that the agents crawled on top of each other and oriented themselves correctly.
The verion of the crowd tool that you see here was a clip based system that had the ablity to swap out its clips dynamically. The effects animator who animated the timing set up triggers that cycled through the appropriate clips at the correct time.

I created and animated the hand for this show. This was a tricky shot since we needed the hand to not only be surfaced with minions, keep their orientation at the hand deformed, and maintain a solid core of minions.