Title: Senior Houdini Developer, FX Artist


  • Development and maintenance of asset accessory system Toolset for building and dynamically deploying mass populated assets into lit scenes.
  • Development and maintenance of automatic culling system for set and accessories. Dynamic culling system used to creating render bundles and setting lod levels for Set based assets in relation to distance from camera and frustum visibility.
  • Technical support for procedural set dressing team.
  • Helping debug problematic lighting shots.
  • General support related to Houdini based issues.
    Specifically scene build and rendering issues.

  • Tools Created:

  • AssetLOD
    node based tool for visualiz ing and setting lods of set based assets in scene.
  • AssetGrouper
    node based tool for quickly generating render bundles of set assets based on camera frustum.
  • AssetReduce
    node based tool for visualizing and nondestructively reducing visible set based assets.
  • AccessoryReduce
    node based tool for quickly reducing dynamically populated accessory system.
  • SceneData node
    node based tool for quick automation of tools listed above.
  • Set Dress Accessories
    developed and maintained method for creating, populating, and cac hing of set accessories. *Accessories in this instance are any assets which are mass populated.
  • FX Accessory wrapper
    Developed toolset for wrapping FX elements into accessories to facilitate easy delivery to lighting department.