Title: Lead Environment Technical Director

I built several procedural grass tools for this film. This version was used on human scale shots. The tool had controls built into it that would allow dressout artist to crop/scale/adjust the density of grass as they needed.

This version of the grass tool was used for far away shots. After the dressout artist was done laying out the grass, the grass was input into another tool which I built that would animate it. The animation process was fairly easy, all I had to do was drop the animated character into the grassfxs tool and the grass would bend where ever the character touched the ground.

In all of the human scale grass shots I added a noise attribute to which the dressout artist used to get visual feedback on while dressout a shot. This shot demonstrates the fairly complex cropping that was possible with in the procudurally generated grass.

This shot is a good demonstration of the grass animating under a characters' feet. After the grass was animated I made an intermediate tool that would time delay the animation of the grass standing back up to its original position.

This shot shows tool tools that I worked on the dress grass and the ground tool. The dress grass was a tool that I took on about mid development. I added in many options to the tool including procedural animation. The ground tool was a very fun tool to develope. It interacted with the dress grass, the dressout artist were able to drop multiple clumps of grass into the tool and get a faifly fast visual displacement under each blade.

Each physical displacement was also given a shader attribute by the tool that would allow the already displaced ground to get a shader displacement. The final effect was beautiful.

I added this shot to show that the displacements worked with any object that you stuck into the ground tool. I had added several base shapes to work from. If those base shapes did not work the user could even put in a custom push shape to create displacement with.

Part of my job as lead modeling techincal director was to create prop and dressout rigs. This was an especially interesting rig that I built. The task was to take a deformed mushroom and have it spin around its center point but not have theobjects siloutte change from the camera view that the artist was looking through.

In this shot I rigged Stans boot and pants.

here is a close up of the object that was rigged.

A majob part of my job was building all of the shrubbery / trees for the film. I have to say the spiral tree was the most fun tree to work on.

Here is more example of the shrubbery. This shot has a lot of elements in it that I worked on. I built the pen that Lucas used to sign the contract with, the stepping stones, the bench, and the grass.

In this shot I built the table that zoc is standing over and the masks that are hanging from the ceilings.

Here is another tool that I built, the carpet tool. Mid way though this tool I handed the tool off to my good friend Jeff Capagreco, he was my second hand man in the procedural work of the ant bully. He helped me out a lot with the later end of the tool adding in cropping mechanisms and carpet deformation mechanisms.